Why you should try Free Writing

So, its Jesus’ happy birthday today and normally, everybody is in a good mood. (If not, I’m directing Santa to your place now!) This ‘good mood’ got me feeling a bit creative. I picked my phone, nikawasha data, logged into my very dormant WordPress account and started doing a free style. I’d love to call this Free Writing i.e. to write randomly what you think atย  that particular moment.

Watching 9PM news by the very bald Larry Madowo makes me see the dynamics offered by life. Yeah! ICYMI, let me be Madowo for a moment. Now, several expectant mums around the country and world in general gave birth in this day. I mean, they share a birthday with the famous Baby Jesus. Awesome, isn’t it? On this same unique day, a man (sadly from my home county) killed his wife because alikula gizzard, which is traditionally served to the man of the house (mzee wa Nyumba.) A deep sad reality!

This got me thinking: Why doesn’t everything happen according to plan. Like everyone else, your 2015 got its share of the good and the bad, right? Thanks for agreeing. 1st week of 2015 we got mighty plans, venye hii mwaka tutaHappen, how you will start talking to your 11-month old crush, how you will save for that iPhone 6…bla bla bla. Worry not though, you got around 5 more days to achieve your resolutions.

According to research, free writing helps to:

  1. Increase your creativity- this continuous non-stop writing allows the creative juices in the brain to begin flowing. Of course with the help of some herb. ๐Ÿ˜€
  2. Generates new ideas- it goes beyond creativity and resurfaces ideas that may have been hidden at the back of your skull. And for this reason, get a pen and a paper. Await further advice.
  3. ย  Makes you feel great, like I am now. I’m amazing myself at the level of creativity and shear volume of information I know.
  4. Forces one to think differently and creates a chain reaction of new thoughts. Lemmi surprise you for a moment, some authors of the All time best selling novels had this humble background. But now, they are inspiring the world.

I see you’re skeptic yet curious to try. Now, do something different before the year ends and put that pen to paper. Lets your hand flow freely with your mind. Thank me later. ๐Ÿ™‚


Yours faithfully, Kijana_shupavu!


Author: Kijana_shupavu

Kijana shupavu is simple and open Minded. Has a positive attitude. Works hard Plays hard Mentality. Life is content, the reason I blog.

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