Every reason you should be Choozy!

Now, here is the thing. Be choosy!😠

I know, Kijana Shupavu is not that lecturer figure to chant about life choices. But dear friends, Im compelled to do so. Please let me.
As a young adult or rather old teenager, I have the autonomy to be relentless in my pursuit of happiness. Im one of those ‘YOLO-is-the-Motto’ kind of guy so I believe that if you are not enjoying each second of life, you are to blame. I mean, no one wants a midlife crisis situation.
I decided to craft this piece because it saddens me much 😩 to see my peers making completely inappropriate choices about the weighty decisions in life. Be it in clothing, the kinds of matatu they board, the food guys ingest, drinks people take in the name of cheap liquor, 😩girls they hit on(No offence please, kila mtu is an image of God)… et cetera. But lets face it guys; me being straight,I feel this is absolutely vital. Damn heartbreaking a times.
But hey, to get the best; you must be selective. Very! No compromise. Even thy Almighty God giveth human power to chooseth, between good and evil. But Im not going down that route guys. No. That’s for Joel Osteen to preach.

“It is our choices that define who we truly are, far much more than our abilities.” Came across this quote by JK. Rowling which got me thinking. Makes sense? Be the judge.

Niggas have got to start choosing the girls they date too, ladies do that all the time and granted they get some of the best D, good times n All. This difference, dear gentlemen, is perfected by the art of being selective. However there are some qualities which you should check out for; hopefully you can learn controlling your pointer so as reduce misleads too.
Quality #1_ Back to ‘we are created in God’s image’. Honestly, some took more time on the potter’s hand. I mean, that is why we have the definitions of ‘not good looking’ and beautiful in the same Oxford dictionary. My advice: Never ever settle for the former.
Quality #2_You need a girl who has her clad on point. Well unless you like your ladies as cheap as you. And by the way if you are trendier than she is dump her ass bro. Let her set standards. My wise bro told me once. Feels good people tilting their necks to try and figure the combo of your gf’s look so they can emulate. 🙂
Quality #3_As much as you need a chic who keeps up with the times it is also good to confirm if she knows when to shut up. You don’t want your girl ranting on every other thing happening. Might embarrass your ass when she says how Jay Z would have sang in his album instead of ‘talking too fast’ or how the Telenovela’s Alejandro should come to Kenya and pick her up. Dada, huyo hutapata. It is no good if she does not raise other people’s respect towards you.
Quality #4 She should intellectually challenge me. I mean, pick that girl who is familiar with some Lingua-franca here and there. Much better if the debates can be factual.

Feel free to sieve more of your must-have qualities up here. 👆That was basically Kijana_shupavu.
Its not being selfish or egoistical, its just good living. Guys, lets stop being promiscuous. Me included. Na juu ya hiyo story, skiza “No mediocre” by TI.
Think about it good people.

Critiques and compliments welcomed.
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Author: Kijana_shupavu

Kijana shupavu is simple and open Minded. Has a positive attitude. Works hard Plays hard Mentality. Life is content, the reason I blog.

5 thoughts on “Every reason you should be Choozy!”

  1. so i love one thing about this sharing the whole being choosy concept where we choose with our eyes and brains too!! In a time where everyone is chasing the looks a consideration of ones values & ,intellectual capabilities/ reasoning should tag along.

    advice You should also share on the kinda man ladies should consider to want to live with.

    thumbs up @Kijanashupavu!

    Liked by 1 person

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