Commercial break.. 

Snooze! ⏰ Snooze! ⏰

Those times you wake up late. You had a lecture scheduled for 7:30 and it is now quarter past eight. You are obviously late and scared AF. Especially when the thought of exams comes to mind. Not forgetting this is the second class you’ll be attending and the semester is at its sunset. 
And after all this trauma of panicking, the damn lecturer has not yet arrived. “Good riddance!” You console yourself. Finally, he comes to class, dictates notes worth around 15 pages of my almost clean A4 hardcover notebook then later starts narrating those old cliche stories. Some are funny I admit, some boastful as is the norm and then, that advice part never fails to come through.

Mr. Abungu is the name of that lecturer by the way. Claims that he has connections in the State House. That he could fetch us some contract maybe, if we( and by ‘we’ I mean one of us) shows you have interest and become his good friend. We believe him, neck aside though( shingo upande!) 😅😅

But by judging by the type of equipment he is spinning, I totally confide in all that. How could you not trust a 50’s guy owning a 2015 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque. Isn’t this one of the cars Victoria Beckham rolls with? Someone correct me… And the opulence continues. I wish I had taken a selfie with the ride. A lot of people say it is their dream car. So technically, Abungu is living my dream. I have never seen him since then. How sad. 

That aside now.  

Of all the speeches and not-so-funny jokes he gave during that lecture, he said something that I had previously heard of a lot, but started making sense. “If you want to prosper in something, do not give it divided attention.” With clear cut illustrations and testimonies, this hit me hard! 

Its reverse is also true, is it not? 😦

A lot of this statement has been uttered to us previously. Remember that parental advice, the night before school-opening day, way back in high school. Yees?!           I’d like to quote my dad at this juncture back then, “Soma kwanza, achana na mambo mingi, kwanza wasichana.(Study first, time for girls and other things will come later.”) Then finishes by referring me to Ecclesiastes Chapter 3, ‘There is a time and season for everything under heaven…’ 

This is the point you become Buddhist for a while, Hatha Yoga,  MEDITATION and stuff. Maybe, if you were not doing some things you do, you’d be far. I don’t know. :?But back to dividing your attention: you can’t serve two masters at a time, they say. But NO. You actually can, but you will be underperforming. That is where it is said, You cannot mix business with pleasure.
So, coming back to blogging and course work and football and socializing, nuff said. A commercial break is a necessity, lest I fail in Abungu’s exam. More so, baba ya Kijana shupavu will be hugely dissapointed and I don’t want that. And I might be questioned, Why are you bored so early? No. Not at all. Just re-analyzing priorities. I’m I bidding farewell, No! That sort of statement will not fair well with so many people, including I. 😉

Can I share something by Ofori-Mensah, a friend, before I leave, 👉👉

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Author: Kijana_shupavu

Kijana shupavu is simple and open Minded. Has a positive attitude. Works hard Plays hard Mentality. Life is content, the reason I blog.

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