The Mentor Fashion Show

Fashionable is what everyone wants to feel. One of the things we think matters most is the opinion of others on our appearance. But there is no doubt the Almighty did a great work in moulding us into wonderful beings, and as the co-creators it’s our earthly duty to maintain those standards. Feel me? 😉

And if by any chance you thought women are the only culprits of fashion and design, then you might be wrong. We have seen men and children alike being used as Magazines’ front-page images and even international advertisements. This prestige should be shared with designers who are honestly gifted with an eye for making every ‘Look’ look better. Good designers have a kind of seductive mental prowess to make anybody fall for their art. It is amazing how they can modify our dressing to make us look like kings and queens that we are. 
Indeed, beauty is taken a notch higher where  a designer showcases their talent and peraonal style through their various works of art on models. This is exposed through Clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup or even furniture. This is where the founder of Dimes Creatives Management, Mr. William Ndolo,  takes this opportunity to invite you to our own Fashion galore weekend come Saturday 29th April 2017 in Nairobi Kenya. This is where Phillipines-beauty meets Paris-fashionistas to produce our very own elegant models and designs. 

This 2nd Edition of the Mentor Fashion Show is bound to take place in the Safaricom Michael Joseph Center in Westlands. This is where fashion meets style. Talk of men’s wear, curvaceous ladies outfits and all unisex fashion; you won’t ask for more. Apart from the visual entertainment offered by the participating models, refreshments and snacks will be offered also. 

Through this event, Dimes Creatives hopes to promote kids & adult attire, enhance model management and promote photography and other products. This is a piece of what to expect… 👇

The previous first edition of the show was highlighted by the Kids’ swagger which amused everyone. Here is the link to the first edition ( The gorgeous kids slayyed the event without a doubt. I bet you don’t wanna miss this time round. Come, let us appreciate our own David & Victoria Beckham’s of tomorrow. 

See you there🔜 as we appreciate good things, InshaAllah! 👑💎



We think sometimes that poverty is one being hungry, naked and homeless. The poverty of being unwanted, unloved and uncared for is the greatest poverty. We must start in our own homes to remedy this kind of poverty.” These were the words of a certain selfless woman who was admired by many for her charitable works. Santa T, known to many as Mother Teresa MC, went out of her way to helping the poor and the homeless and even went a step further to live among them. How more selfless can one be? 😟

When we hear of street children, we look aside in some form of disguise. A good number of us, and you can shoot me if I’m lying, do not want to be associated with these people living in the streets. But come on guys, let’s face this head on. For once. We have the will power to turn a bad situation better, or to worse. It is up to us, entirely.

In all fairness, there is no proper definition of ‘Street children’. In fact, I urge you to refrain from using this phrase. For example, it can’t be assumed that all children on the streets are homeless. The great majority- well over three quarters and as many as 90% of the children in the street only want to work to earn money for their families and return back to their houses. Or the place they call ‘home.’ However, some of these children in the streets are said to have been born from parents who themselves were street children. Now you see this chain reaction is a concern, right?  👿
Children in the streets are viewed as seemingly hopeless freedom fighters, who are neglected and seen as though they need some kind of pesticides. Sad enough, the majority of the common public response is rejection and hostility towards these street children.

We could take centuries, perhaps a life time chatting about the fate of Street children. Kenya shares this same plight as other countries like Columbia, Mexico, Brazil and our brothers south, SA, just to mention a few. According to research conducted worldwide, the reasons for existence for children in the streets include Poverty, Family and societal abuse and modernizing factors. 

Allow me to highlight how this Modernization hypothesis comes into play. This contains some element of both poverty and family abuse hypothesis since children no longer grow up in extended families with strong community support. This isolation from the community is the genesis of all street families. That is where the “OFF THE STREET CAMPAIGN” comes on board as it aims to pay…

A Charity Visit to Empower Street Families.

This selfless and empathic Initiative was thought over by none other than Mr. William Ndolo, or Willy since he prefers to be a simple man. This charitable project conceptualized after he was crowned Mr. World Kenya 2016, Makueni county. Have you ever thought how you can impact someone’s life in a positive way?  Here comes your chance. Napoleon Hill once said, “If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.” This has been the motivation behind “OFF THE STREET CAMPAIGN.”

A study done in 100 street children in South Africa and also here in Kenya, showed that many of them did better in their mental functioning health than their equally counterparts who stay at home (Aptekar, 1993a.) They pointed out high degree of intelligence, a concern for each other, a positive attitude for the uncertainty of the future and also a good self-esteem. Many authors have pointed out that this act of leaving home to live in the streets is in itself an act of resilience and empowerment. Equipped with all this potential, ‘OFF THE STREET CAMPAIGN’ hopes to exploit these neglected gold mines, to make these street families independent and benefit the society at large. There is hope!👐🙌

How does this campaign aims to tap into this potential? You ask. Well, as sure as the sun rises from the east till dusk comes, every human being is in need of the basic human needs. Needless I repeat these fundamentals of survival. However, most of the time, being given fish makes us lazy and dependent on the fisherman’s abilities.

 This campaign hopes to empower street kids and families to independence by making them realize their inner ability to succeed(teaching them how to fish.) Through this initiative, talents are given an opportunity to be exploited. I can’t cease to think of the many role models we all share, who were once in the streets but were given a chance to show the world what they can do. From Halle Berry to gunner’s Alexis Sanchez who would go on to wash cars, do acrobatics in the streets to bring in extra income for his family while working his way through the ranks of professional football. Forgive my biasness. An Arsenal fan had to do that. 😅 Closer home though; we have singers Bahati and Ringtone, Hip hop artist Juliani from Dandora and countless others.

The primary aim is to encourage independence at an early stage. This will be done by educating the mothers’ of these street children in social enterprises to eventually support their children. Previously, OFF THE STREET CAMPAIGN has reached out to street families in the streets with donations which we didn’t pride in. The climax of this year’s project is to give homes to at least 20 kids by empowering one mum to take in 8 if we get her a business and repay her rent arrears.  

And it is with much gratitude that partners such as KCB bank promise to Make the Difference by coming on board. With the assistance of professionals from KCB bank, these targeted street families will be taught how to invest and save their money wisely. Aims to use them as money making ventures but now we have partnered with KCB to teach them on how to invest their money wisely (Basic Entrepreneurial skills.) Initiative to give homes to 20 kids will be the climax of this year’s project.

Knowledge and information is power; that is why Mathare Book Drive Initiative is another partner held dearly: Especially with the aim of educating and settling other street children in the slums of Mathare, Kariobangi, Dandora and soon to expand the territories.

One of the most important things one can do is to let people know they are not alone. No barrier surrounds a heart that loves their self and others. That is why ‘OFF THE STREET CAMPAIGN’ is open to partner with others in this charitable foundation.👋

Let’s follow footsteps of St. Mother Teresa works of kindness, as she led us by example.

Commercial break.. 

Snooze! ⏰ Snooze! ⏰

Those times you wake up late. You had a lecture scheduled for 7:30 and it is now quarter past eight. You are obviously late and scared AF. Especially when the thought of exams comes to mind. Not forgetting this is the second class you’ll be attending and the semester is at its sunset. 
And after all this trauma of panicking, the damn lecturer has not yet arrived. “Good riddance!” You console yourself. Finally, he comes to class, dictates notes worth around 15 pages of my almost clean A4 hardcover notebook then later starts narrating those old cliche stories. Some are funny I admit, some boastful as is the norm and then, that advice part never fails to come through.

Mr. Abungu is the name of that lecturer by the way. Claims that he has connections in the State House. That he could fetch us some contract maybe, if we( and by ‘we’ I mean one of us) shows you have interest and become his good friend. We believe him, neck aside though( shingo upande!) 😅😅

But by judging by the type of equipment he is spinning, I totally confide in all that. How could you not trust a 50’s guy owning a 2015 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque. Isn’t this one of the cars Victoria Beckham rolls with? Someone correct me… And the opulence continues. I wish I had taken a selfie with the ride. A lot of people say it is their dream car. So technically, Abungu is living my dream. I have never seen him since then. How sad. 

That aside now.  

Of all the speeches and not-so-funny jokes he gave during that lecture, he said something that I had previously heard of a lot, but started making sense. “If you want to prosper in something, do not give it divided attention.” With clear cut illustrations and testimonies, this hit me hard! 

Its reverse is also true, is it not? 😦

A lot of this statement has been uttered to us previously. Remember that parental advice, the night before school-opening day, way back in high school. Yees?!           I’d like to quote my dad at this juncture back then, “Soma kwanza, achana na mambo mingi, kwanza wasichana.(Study first, time for girls and other things will come later.”) Then finishes by referring me to Ecclesiastes Chapter 3, ‘There is a time and season for everything under heaven…’ 

This is the point you become Buddhist for a while, Hatha Yoga,  MEDITATION and stuff. Maybe, if you were not doing some things you do, you’d be far. I don’t know. :?But back to dividing your attention: you can’t serve two masters at a time, they say. But NO. You actually can, but you will be underperforming. That is where it is said, You cannot mix business with pleasure.
So, coming back to blogging and course work and football and socializing, nuff said. A commercial break is a necessity, lest I fail in Abungu’s exam. More so, baba ya Kijana shupavu will be hugely dissapointed and I don’t want that. And I might be questioned, Why are you bored so early? No. Not at all. Just re-analyzing priorities. I’m I bidding farewell, No! That sort of statement will not fair well with so many people, including I. 😉

Can I share something by Ofori-Mensah, a friend, before I leave, 👉👉

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Bring back That vibe!

When a nigga texts you like, “Wu’s sup, fam, you good?” You say, “I’m good,” then great, the next text they are asking you for something.
~Kanye West

This article should have come immediately after the Champions League final 2016 (which btw ended utterly in my disappointment.) My apologies though, especially for going undercover for a long time. Tough life. But me being a perfectionist, I had to put a little more time and effort in this. ✌👐

Well, Saturday nights are usually turned up. Relief from their daily busy weekday routine. I mean, everyone has a reason to be psyched up. At least. Perfect day to unwind. And also relieve some stress.
So, me and my Niggas head to the club. You heard right, The Club. Not to sip anything this time or to chips funga somebody for the lately cold weathered nights. Neither. We were here to watch the eagerly anticipated Madrid Derby – in Milano. We checked in late though. Or rather, the other fanatics or the party people punched the clock quite early. As early as 8pm – which I sincerely think is ABNORMALLY early for a turn up.

We marched to a spot which where we could watch the match. (See what I did there._😋) It was not the most comfortable spot to watch from, but at least our eyes met the biggest screen. With eagerness. The place was full to capacity, different kinds of human beings. Some suffering from DPB i.e. Drinking Personality Behaviour. Which annoys and irritates those who just want to chill and have a good time watching soccer, like us.

I’m talking about this mama, BBW. She is dressed in a short tight red see-through skirt. Drunk but not very tipsy. Hi-fiving everyone and whining along Ken wa Maria’s Fundamentoz song, like a sickly puppy. And lest I forget to mention, she is around her late 40’s in my rough estimate. Old enough for a decade in menopause. This prompted me to ask about her husband. Or more importantly, her kids. As if I cared though. 😕 What annoyed most is when she rudely and constantly went in front of the screen, considering she is big. Game ikiendelea. 👿 You wouldn’t want to see the raging crowds, until she was hurled out of the building.

My mind went into a frenzy for sometime. Reckoning on the so called values and mannerism lost in society. I dislike using this word btw. Simply because society is not rational enough since you can’t fit in everyone’s expectation. The values are not really lost, maybe eroded. Due to lack of a better phrase.
Manners! Etiquette. ‘How it’s supposed to be.’ We have become deficient in all these simple yet vital codes of conduct. Or is it I that I’ve developed unfair scrutiny eyes. I don’t think so. We all see, unless rationality ceased to exist.

And that is where I agree with Buddhist’s Golden Rule, “One should see for others the happiness one desires for oneself.” Or closer home, according to Luke 6:31 or Matthew 7:13 which states, “Do unto others what you’d have them do to you.” I learnt recently that this rule is the foundation of the most ethical codes in the planet.
Let us take a moment to ponder upon this, the lost vibes. The importance of being others-oriented rather than self-absorbed is not a new idea. Which I am campaigning for right now.

This reminds me a story I read in The Daily Nation paper the other day. A university in China, Anhui Normal University to be specific, was the highlight. The most polite students were promised discounted meals if they displayed some common etiquette to staff. The discount comes when they use common courteous phrases, such as “hello”, “please”, “thank you”, and “good job.” – these magic words will reduce the cost of a meal from six yuan (90 cents) to three yuan (50 cents).

But before going any further, let I clarify a point. Whenever me has used ‘you’, ‘us’ or ‘we’ he is also a fellow victim. Thank you. We may proceed. 🏃🏃

Have you ever lacked words to tell a person when they terribly failed your expectations? You are not exactly sure why they are not like you, act the way you expect or say stuff your ears would want to hear. This is why we are different in our own ways. Imagine a world with your same kind. There would be 7.4 billion Kijana shupavus. That would probably be the most boring and article. Then you wouldn’t be able to know me because you’d be me. 😂😂So lets face it, we are different!

Its all different between us. Ever.

Sincerity Vs. Character/Personality
Real friends. How many jealous? We smile at each other but how many of us are real friends? I can’t blame you for having an angle. When was the last time you remembered her details by heart. Now we be too busy even to make time even for my… Real friends- Omari West.

Events define how we are judged by others. Sometimes its our own doing, other times not. Pardon me for putting you on the spotlight. I am also included whenever there is a feeling of being judged. Call it self-therapy of some sort.

Kukuwa mtu mzuri ni hatia..
WaliniShuku nikiOffer mrembo lift kwa njia.
Tafathali, samahani, shukran! Ni term zimeLack, kata tu kwa skin ya mSudan.
Miguu split kama sign ya Peace,
Ni maPlayer, wanahitaji CD.


Then, there are these pest friendships…

When will our politicians and the people in power stop switching sides after an injustice and own up to their mistakes and weaknesses? After all, we understand humans. Prone to err. Man up Mr. Politician! Admit to your flaws and act to correct the limitations. This should be a great show of character instead. 🙄

At an era when people are loosing respect for their elders and vice versa, since they don’t want to admit new technology will make our lives better. Skeptism. Give the kid a platform to explore talent, and show you how else it can be done. I hope this paragraph reaches the top guys, people in power. 😨

I’m also waiting for that day where dem girls will get crystal-sincere ‘Likes’ in The Gramm or Facebook, not because someone is craving some piece of the skin.😯 (NB: But by all means my fellow #TeamMafisi/Fisets do everything you have to do for the lay up. 😇😅🙌😂)

Betting. Lets call it gambling. I thank God I have until now resisted the urge to join SportPesa. I would not advice anyone to go down this road. Simply because it makes one rely on luck, and not God’s blessing from our hard work, as its supposed to be. Call it Master betting. I pray you hit that jackpot though. Na usimSahau wako mwaminifu, Kijana_shupavu. ;)😋

You don’t believe me, just look into my eyes.
You’ll see all that I mean when you look deep straight into my eyes.
You all love me, you’re just pretending. 😁

Most of us- Khalifa
Most of us got a lot of shit to get up off our chest.
Most of us rather trick the girl, instead of loving her.
Most of us puff some kay kay but ain’t ready to admit.
Most of us go to school just to show they got class.
Most of us judge others prematurely instead of getting to learn them.
Most of us spend thousands on clothes, still don’t care how we dress.
Most of us preach water but drink BM. Hypocrisy!

Most of us rather show off their China phones while reloading Facebook pages instead of interacting and getting to know people, in their reality.
Most of us blessed, healthy and wealthy but refuse to acknowledge God in any of our successes and accomplishments. Very wrong.

The hardest things are the most liberating. This is some sort of test of being true to oneself. Consider others better than yourself, at the same time having confidence in your own abilities. I’m not perfect. Neither are you. I’m also reading this article and damn! It is communicating to me, strongly. Self-therapy. 🙌 Let’s bring back the vibe!

My thoughts and prayers are with the ones effected by this horrible event.
Its aWrap kama Moi. 👐👊👋🏃

Tell a friend to tell a friend.
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Life will never be fair… Easter Manenos!

Its the Easter Holidays guys. Im glad coz some selfless guy had to die for my sins, at no cost at all. Im feeling very privileged.
“Hey Kristo, whats your plan this Easter?”
Jesus: “May thy will of the Almighty happen, not as I wish.”
Jesus’ answer should be your reply if by any chance you come against that query. I know, we all have plans for this short holiday. Don’t forget: We plan but God executes. But in case you are wondering penye form ya Easter itatoka, I’ll sort you in a few(keeping in mind  its a spiritual affair.) 😉


Many are the times we suffer unfairly. Right?Picture this: Back in the days, primary school in fact. You’ve gone to ‘borrow a book’ in a foreign class. Then suddenly, “Can everybody kneel down, this is the noisiest class.” You try to evade the wrath of the teacher claiming some naked lies, but she wont take any of that. “Kwanza ni wewe umeleta kelele huku.”😂 I mean, life can never be fair people. At all!
We all know, or have at least heard the story of Jesus Christ. The persecution and resurrection. Im assuming either you went to Sunday school at one point in your childhood. Or your/our parents are church goers. You must have heard something about Easter. Seriously! 😕
So Im asking myself; why do good guys always have to suffer? Look at Jesus. Compassionate, loving, handsome and all the good traits you can think of. From the extra-Ordinary birth, to healing the woman with 38yrs blood flow, feeding the 5000+ people, adding more liquor when the thirsty people were in desperate need to climax the ‘bash( couldn’t ignore this BTW.😁), raising Jairus’ daughter from the death bed, calming the raging storm..and so on. Countless life saving instances there. Jesus must have been a darling to many. “Wherever He went, He did good” The Bible records.
But even so, Satan doesn’t love when good things happen. Amid all the good deeds, Yesus faced rejection, persecution, hatred and even betrayal. Reminds me of Peter, a very close ally wa Yesu. I’d be damn mad if my bff turned their back on me, 3 times for that matter. And btw, if Peter was a Luhya, iyo jogoo ingeSurvive kuwika 3 times??? 😅 Asking for a friend.
But Jesus, being the good dude, amidst all the backstabbing was all cool. He forgave them all. Went a step further and died for their sins. What more can you say if not TOUGH LOVE! That’s why we celebrate Easter. Jesus must be a hero.
So during this season, spread the love. Make an effort to spend time with others. Call that long time friend and check on them(Im doing exactly that after posting this piece.)
And now. To the formless out there, sijawaSahau. If you are around Machakos, make your way to the famous People’s Park on Sunday the 27th March, afternoon. You are guaranteed electric performances from various upcoming talented artists. From Swagnation band, Collette, Antonio Siajabu… Just to name a few.


Msiseme Ohh Kijana_shupavu haeziTolea watu mpango. Be there!👆
And should I keep you on alert, April Fools inaCome immediately after Easter. So kaeni rada watu wangu. Don’t get embarrassed by a simple prank.
Enjoy your Easter Holidays guys. 👋
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Every reason you should be Choozy!

Now, here is the thing. Be choosy!😠

I know, Kijana Shupavu is not that lecturer figure to chant about life choices. But dear friends, Im compelled to do so. Please let me.
As a young adult or rather old teenager, I have the autonomy to be relentless in my pursuit of happiness. Im one of those ‘YOLO-is-the-Motto’ kind of guy so I believe that if you are not enjoying each second of life, you are to blame. I mean, no one wants a midlife crisis situation.
I decided to craft this piece because it saddens me much 😩 to see my peers making completely inappropriate choices about the weighty decisions in life. Be it in clothing, the kinds of matatu they board, the food guys ingest, drinks people take in the name of cheap liquor, 😩girls they hit on(No offence please, kila mtu is an image of God)… et cetera. But lets face it guys; me being straight,I feel this is absolutely vital. Damn heartbreaking a times.
But hey, to get the best; you must be selective. Very! No compromise. Even thy Almighty God giveth human power to chooseth, between good and evil. But Im not going down that route guys. No. That’s for Joel Osteen to preach.

“It is our choices that define who we truly are, far much more than our abilities.” Came across this quote by JK. Rowling which got me thinking. Makes sense? Be the judge.

Niggas have got to start choosing the girls they date too, ladies do that all the time and granted they get some of the best D, good times n All. This difference, dear gentlemen, is perfected by the art of being selective. However there are some qualities which you should check out for; hopefully you can learn controlling your pointer so as reduce misleads too.
Quality #1_ Back to ‘we are created in God’s image’. Honestly, some took more time on the potter’s hand. I mean, that is why we have the definitions of ‘not good looking’ and beautiful in the same Oxford dictionary. My advice: Never ever settle for the former.
Quality #2_You need a girl who has her clad on point. Well unless you like your ladies as cheap as you. And by the way if you are trendier than she is dump her ass bro. Let her set standards. My wise bro told me once. Feels good people tilting their necks to try and figure the combo of your gf’s look so they can emulate. 🙂
Quality #3_As much as you need a chic who keeps up with the times it is also good to confirm if she knows when to shut up. You don’t want your girl ranting on every other thing happening. Might embarrass your ass when she says how Jay Z would have sang in his album instead of ‘talking too fast’ or how the Telenovela’s Alejandro should come to Kenya and pick her up. Dada, huyo hutapata. It is no good if she does not raise other people’s respect towards you.
Quality #4 She should intellectually challenge me. I mean, pick that girl who is familiar with some Lingua-franca here and there. Much better if the debates can be factual.

Feel free to sieve more of your must-have qualities up here. 👆That was basically Kijana_shupavu.
Its not being selfish or egoistical, its just good living. Guys, lets stop being promiscuous. Me included. Na juu ya hiyo story, skiza “No mediocre” by TI.
Think about it good people.

Critiques and compliments welcomed.
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Twenty Sixteen [MMXVI]

Holiday greetings, Good people.

I am pleased once again to announce the arrival and ushering in of the long awaited 2016. Pheewks! 2015 imeDie. Sheer satisfaction. How has your 2015 been thou’?

Now, without further ado, lets take a look at 2015; venye ulianza na pupa since day one 00:00:01 hrs expecting that it will flow as per your plans( never forget-we plan, God executes) Don’t worry though, we in this predicament together. Task:Describe 2015 in one word. I’d use ‘FUN’. From Jehovah Wanyonyi going to be with the lord(himself), Mayweather kunyorosha Manny Pacquiao, our very own Julius Yego setting a blistering 92.72m record Javelin throw, the beloved POTUS Obama, the saint Pope Francis, Bayern’s tactician Pep Guardiola visits to Kenya…just to mention a few of the #BestTBTs2015, #2015WillBeRemembadFor, #Highlights2015. Plus hey, how could I forget how legend Mollis made some boss chick to “Sullenda na kuShoka” 😀 FUN indeed.

Also, more importantly, one Chisekana Innocent was able to quench a long time thirst of artistic expression by opening this kijana_shupavu blog. I’m really proud guys. Thank God. Haters nyongweni priss, this is just the start. Kudos! (claps, cheers!)

Too much about the past, Twenty Sixteen is here, literally (No pun intended.) Let me surprise you; According to the Gregorian calendar MMXVI falls under a leap year. Bet you didn’t know this. Ata mi sikuzaliwa nikijua. 😀 Google helps. And btw, Kijana_shupavu has his birthDay,29th Feb. Gifts in advance. And for the misers who are deeply stressed where they will get their 2016 calendar, just find a 1988 one. Or if you’re that old, ya 1960 inaweza.

Writing about 2015 events, got me thinking about the famous New Year Resolutions(NYRs). In my opinion, they are simply useless. Never worked for me. You??! For this reason, through experience- after reading widely and deep- I came to a conclusion that NYRs are to some degree, just BS! So for 2016, I decided to have a new kind of NYRs: Saying NO! If you are anything like me, your list of NYRs reads BHAGs(Big Hairy Audacious Goals.) We resolve to be better by doing more.

Instead, why don’t we try focusing our energies and goals on what we should NOT be doing. This will boost our productivity. “Politely saying NO can free up astonishing amounts of time.” Noted Curtis Sittenfeld, a best selling author. Okay, lemmi take this humble duty, to help my dear readers create a ‘Stop-Doing’ list for 2016. Suppose you woke up kesho and received two phone calls. The first call says you have inherited 100million dollars. The second call says that you are diagnosed with a deadly disease and you have less than 3 months to live. Just imagine, this wont happen probably. 😉 What would you do differently? No, wrong quiz. What would you stop doing?

Saying NO-and closely guarding your focus-must be part of your productivity equation. This requires faith in the value of your goals. I’m also trying this stuff in 2016, so don’t feel lonely. We in this together mtu wangu. Please enjoy your new year, will you? Get yourself this jam by Juliani- New Year. Get that girl you’ve always wanted to hit, buy that iPhone 6, speak your mind always, sing in the shower, puff some kush, keep secrets, Never give up, read, take risks, Be romantic, Be choosy, Collaborate and make connections, Compliment others and don’t expect life to be fair.

Baadaye watu wangu.

Yours faithfully, Kijana_shupavu!