Life will never be fair… Easter Manenos!

Its the Easter Holidays guys. Im glad coz some selfless guy had to die for my sins, at no cost at all. Im feeling very privileged.
“Hey Kristo, whats your plan this Easter?”
Jesus: “May thy will of the Almighty happen, not as I wish.”
Jesus’ answer should be your reply if by any chance you come against that query. I know, we all have plans for this short holiday. Don’t forget: We plan but God executes. But in case you are wondering penye form ya Easter itatoka, I’ll sort you in a few(keeping in mind  its a spiritual affair.) 😉


Many are the times we suffer unfairly. Right?Picture this: Back in the days, primary school in fact. You’ve gone to ‘borrow a book’ in a foreign class. Then suddenly, “Can everybody kneel down, this is the noisiest class.” You try to evade the wrath of the teacher claiming some naked lies, but she wont take any of that. “Kwanza ni wewe umeleta kelele huku.”😂 I mean, life can never be fair people. At all!
We all know, or have at least heard the story of Jesus Christ. The persecution and resurrection. Im assuming either you went to Sunday school at one point in your childhood. Or your/our parents are church goers. You must have heard something about Easter. Seriously! 😕
So Im asking myself; why do good guys always have to suffer? Look at Jesus. Compassionate, loving, handsome and all the good traits you can think of. From the extra-Ordinary birth, to healing the woman with 38yrs blood flow, feeding the 5000+ people, adding more liquor when the thirsty people were in desperate need to climax the ‘bash( couldn’t ignore this BTW.😁), raising Jairus’ daughter from the death bed, calming the raging storm..and so on. Countless life saving instances there. Jesus must have been a darling to many. “Wherever He went, He did good” The Bible records.
But even so, Satan doesn’t love when good things happen. Amid all the good deeds, Yesus faced rejection, persecution, hatred and even betrayal. Reminds me of Peter, a very close ally wa Yesu. I’d be damn mad if my bff turned their back on me, 3 times for that matter. And btw, if Peter was a Luhya, iyo jogoo ingeSurvive kuwika 3 times??? 😅 Asking for a friend.
But Jesus, being the good dude, amidst all the backstabbing was all cool. He forgave them all. Went a step further and died for their sins. What more can you say if not TOUGH LOVE! That’s why we celebrate Easter. Jesus must be a hero.
So during this season, spread the love. Make an effort to spend time with others. Call that long time friend and check on them(Im doing exactly that after posting this piece.)
And now. To the formless out there, sijawaSahau. If you are around Machakos, make your way to the famous People’s Park on Sunday the 27th March, afternoon. You are guaranteed electric performances from various upcoming talented artists. From Swagnation band, Collette, Antonio Siajabu… Just to name a few.


Msiseme Ohh Kijana_shupavu haeziTolea watu mpango. Be there!👆
And should I keep you on alert, April Fools inaCome immediately after Easter. So kaeni rada watu wangu. Don’t get embarrassed by a simple prank.
Enjoy your Easter Holidays guys. 👋
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