The Mentor Fashion Show

Fashionable is what everyone wants to feel. One of the things we think matters most is the opinion of others on our appearance. But there is no doubt the Almighty did a great work in moulding us into wonderful beings, and as the co-creators it’s our earthly duty to maintain those standards. Feel me? 😉

And if by any chance you thought women are the only culprits of fashion and design, then you might be wrong. We have seen men and children alike being used as Magazines’ front-page images and even international advertisements. This prestige should be shared with designers who are honestly gifted with an eye for making every ‘Look’ look better. Good designers have a kind of seductive mental prowess to make anybody fall for their art. It is amazing how they can modify our dressing to make us look like kings and queens that we are. 
Indeed, beauty is taken a notch higher where  a designer showcases their talent and peraonal style through their various works of art on models. This is exposed through Clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup or even furniture. This is where the founder of Dimes Creatives Management, Mr. William Ndolo,  takes this opportunity to invite you to our own Fashion galore weekend come Saturday 29th April 2017 in Nairobi Kenya. This is where Phillipines-beauty meets Paris-fashionistas to produce our very own elegant models and designs. 

This 2nd Edition of the Mentor Fashion Show is bound to take place in the Safaricom Michael Joseph Center in Westlands. This is where fashion meets style. Talk of men’s wear, curvaceous ladies outfits and all unisex fashion; you won’t ask for more. Apart from the visual entertainment offered by the participating models, refreshments and snacks will be offered also. 

Through this event, Dimes Creatives hopes to promote kids & adult attire, enhance model management and promote photography and other products. This is a piece of what to expect… 👇

The previous first edition of the show was highlighted by the Kids’ swagger which amused everyone. Here is the link to the first edition ( The gorgeous kids slayyed the event without a doubt. I bet you don’t wanna miss this time round. Come, let us appreciate our own David & Victoria Beckham’s of tomorrow. 

See you there🔜 as we appreciate good things, InshaAllah! 👑💎